Sunlit moss hanging from the trees in FloridaSunlit moss hanging from the trees in Florida

Morning at a gator filled lake in FloridaAngel of LightA Lantana flower in Florida getting sunMorning time in Florida for a sun struck treeMorning time in Florida for VulturesFire in the skies of FloridaFoggy morning in marshlands of FloridaMorning for most, nighttime for a world of insectsSleepy eyed green frog in FloridaLight through a water dropletFog floating on the top of water in FloridaAn aligator crossing a trail in FloridaAligator at eye levelAligator in a lake in FloridaAligator in a lake in FloridaBald Eagle sitting in a tree in FloridaBald Eagle soaring in FloridaBald Eagle returning to nest with sticksSun setting behind the trees in FloridaEarly morning sun just above the road in Florida